Welcome to the World of Art Anderson

Art Anderson is a self taught artist who has been creating and crafting whimsical folk art for more than twenty years. Art discovered early in life that he loved to work with wood, and as his interest became a passion, he began to rely on his innate sense of design to create whimsical animals, and his beloved circus performers.

Each piece is handcrafted from the pine he cuts from his small wood lot, hand painted and finished with meticulous attention to detail.

"It makes me smile!" During the past twenty three years, as Art has traveled throughout New England demonstrating his craft, that phrase repeats from generation to generation.

When you purchase an Art Anderson piece, you know that a lone artist's hand has been at work. Art's work never has been or ever will be mass produced. Each "rocking cow" has a different expression and markings. There are no patterns for his circus pieces; each is one of a kind, produced in stages as he works out the mechanical problems of making elephants dance or monkeys spin.

Welcome to the world of Art Anderson……we hope you enjoy our web site…

Art and Pat Anderson